Community support

Social Environment

Comau Fjord is sparsely populated, meaning that both the marine environment and the land are relatively untouched. The houses are located in the Huinay Bay, Punta del Rey, facing the Science Center and near the mouth of the Bodudahue River. The total population in these areas is about 100 inhabitants. In the Huinay Bay there are plots of two settler families adjacent to the Center. The town consists of 8 houses and some 30 people who live there. One of the relevant lines of action for the Foundation is to support the local community. During 2014, it continued to support the transport of settlers of the fjord to the nearest populated locality, which is Hornopirén. It also continued with the delivery of electricity to the town of Huinay and internet for the local school, assistance highly valued by the neighbors of the Foundation, who live in isolation. In addition, the Foundation supported the organization of four medical rounds to attend the settlers. Similarly, the Scientific Station was visited by high school students and the Escuela Sagrada Familia from Hornopirén, who visited the station to learn about the natural wealth of their territory.


Medical and Dental Assistance

Every two months free transportation of a medical team is provided to the town of Huinay, in order to help meet the needs of preventive health care and decentralize patient care in the district of Hualaihué. To do so, the Huinay boat transports a team from Hornopirén consisting of a doctor, nurse, midwife, and dentist. The latter attends patients in the dental chair provided by the Foundation in the Rural School of Huinay.


Power Supply

Since late 2002, the Foundation operates a mini-hydroelectric plant that supplies electricity to the Scientific Center and the accommodations area, and also provides free electricity to the School of Huinay, and the neighboring houses owned by families living in Huinay.


Transport and Labor

Taking the remoteness of Huinay into consideration, the Center collaborates with fast and free transportation of the inhabitants, on the Foundation’s boat. At the same time, local labor is hired for the Station’s various tasks.


Education and Talks

Scientists and researchers from the Foundation’s Science Center teach classes and give talks to children and youth from the Escuela Rural de Huinay and the Liceo de Hornopirén about the work being developed in the area.